Beverly Pepper: Spiritual Circle

Now on view
By appointment only

To mark the opening of Beverly Pepper's Sculpture Garden in Todi, Italy, we will be inaugurating our new space with an installation of her work created in the 1960s through the 1990s. Our exhibition includes indoor and outdoor sculptures and works on paper.

"[Pepper] conjures a sense of unfolding that allows us to at once sustain and suspend our belief in monumentality itself."

- Annie Godfrey Larmon, Artforum: September 2019

"The Bedford Columns form what I would call a 'spiritual circle.' They look like they came out of each other. They fill the space with silence."

- Beverly Pepper: Interview July 2018

"When I stood them up they were very silent. They had a kind of space around them I couldn't understand. It surprised me. I could feel it. A mystical space that develops between the viewer and the work."

- Beverly Pepper: Interview September 2017

"Messengers literally go between a sender and a receiver who are not in the same place. They arrive with news from elsewhere. It could be this world, it could be another. Once they arrive, things are changed. They tell us that change is possible."

- Beverly Pepper: Interview November 2015


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